Spring Break 2015 Trip to Central Mexico

2015 Spring Break Trip to Central Highland Mexico  (Ant 3135)


This trip/class will explore the archaeological sites, meeting places of Cortez and the Aztecs, and modern pilgrimage shrines of highland central Mexico for 10 days over spring break and during a course that meets in January and February.   In Mexico we will be based in Taxco, the silver jewelry capital of the world, and Mexico City, the largest city in the world.  Numerous day trips will take us to ancient sites such as Teotihuacan, the Templo Mayor, Malinalco, Xochicalco, Ixcateopan, and modern places like the , the meeting place of Moctezuma and Cortez, the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the shrine of Chalma, the national cathedral, and numerous craft and food markets.  We will fly into and out of Mexico City.

The key themes of the course and the trip will be ancient history, Spanish and native belief mixture in shrines and pilgrimages, and modern Mexico.

The cost:  $755 covers the hotels, in-country travel and tips, entrance fees and guide, and insurance and must be paid by December 10th, 2014.  Airfare and meals are your own expense, an estimated additional $700, although 5 breakfasts are free.

The trip component runs March 5th through the 14th.  The course will meet T-TR 5-6:30 in January and February and then the last Thursday in March.  You will earn 3hrs credit once the final paper has been submitted.

You do not need to speak Spanish; you do not need to be an Anthropology major.

Informational meetings:  Monday Oct 13, 3:30pm Sanford Rm 407, Monday Oct 13, 5:00pm Sanford Rm 407.  Instructor and trip leader:  Dr. Cheryl Claassen, archaeologist in the Anthropology Dept. at ASU.  Asst. leader: Dr. Laura Ammon, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion, ASU.  claassencp@appstate.edu

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