Honors Courses

The Department of Anthropology offers honors courses at all levels (ANT 1510, ANT 2510, ANT 3510, ANT 4510) which are open to all students who have distinguished themselves. Students who successfully complete six hours of honors courses and have earned at least a 3.45 GPA in anthropology are eligible to take ANT 4510, Senior Honors Thesis. Students who complete nine hours of honors work, including ANT 4510, with a B average or better will graduate with departmental honors in anthropology. For more information, please visit the Honors Program page by clicking here or contact Dr. Timothy J. Smith at smithtj2@appstate.edu

The following honors courses are offered by the Department of Anthropology as designated honors courses. However, students may petition a faculty member to offer a special honor section of a regularlly scheduled course. 

ANT 1510. Freshman Honors Colloquium (3). Fall and Spring.
Study of selected topics in general anthropology. Enrollment by invitation of the department or by application.

ANT 2510. Sophomore Honors Colloquium (3). On Demand.
Study of selected topic(s) in anthropology, encouraging independent scholarship through reading, writing and discussion. Enrollment is by invitation or application.

ANT 3510. Juniors Honors Colloquium (3). On Demand.
Seminar on a selected topic in anthropology. Enrollment is by invitation of the department, or by application.

ANT 4510. Senior Honors Thesis (3). Fall and Spring.
Independent study and research, directed by a Department of Anthropology faculty member and evaluated by a department committee. Prerequisites: successful completion of six hours Anthropology honors courses, a 3.45 GPA in Anthropology and approval of thesis topic by departmental honors committee.

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Physical Location

The Department of Anthropology is located in Anne Belk Hall. The administrative office is located in Room 342 and all of the faculty offices, classrooms, and labs are located on the 3rd floor.

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