Undergraduate Study

Available Concentrations of Study

The Department offers courses of instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Depending on the student's own academic interests and post-graduate goals, there are several tracks of study (concentrations) to choose from.  

All majors in anthropology require a minimum of 122 semester hours for the degree. Social Science teaching licensure with an anthropology concentration requires 123 semester hours. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires a minor. In addition to General Education courses and major and minor requirements, electives must be taken to meet the total required minimum hours. Two semester hours of free electives OUTSIDE the major discipline are required. The Department also offers an additional course of study for graduating with Departmental Honors.

We offer the following degrees and programs of study (NOTE: These links are for 2016-2017 checksheets. For previous versions, please check with your advisor or click on this link) arranged by the major subfields covered by the Department.

This concentration immerses students in the content, methods, theory, and practice of archaeology, offering specialized courses that engage undergraduate students in archaeological research and that prepare them for graduate programs in Archaeology and employment in Cultural Resource Management and Museum Studies. 

Biological Anthropology
This concentration immerses students in the study of humans and non-human primates from a biological and evolutionary perspective, and offers theory and methods courses on skeletal analysis, human evolution, biocultural adaptation, paleontology, forensics, ecology, and primate conservation and behavior

Sociocultural Anthropology
Sociocultural Anthropology provides students with the content, methods, and theory needed to gain a deep understanding of social and cultural practices across geographic regions, and offers specialized courses on the anthropology of politics, medicine, interpretation, environment, social justice, religion, and in the production of knowledge. The Department offers a second concentration in sociocultural anthropology, Social Practice and Sustainability, that gives students the opportunity to actively engage with anthropological theory, method, and practice aimed at the positive transformation of our common social and environmental worlds. 

Multidisciplinary Option 
This concentration allows students to craft an individual career-oriented multidisciplinary concentration on top of a foundational set of courses in Anthropology. In addition to the checksheet, the student will complete a multidisciplinary contract of 30 credit hours, selected in consulation with their adviser. 

Minors in Anthropology
The Department also offers two minors in Anthropology  

If you are interested in learning more about majoring in anthropology, please visit the Department Main Office, 432 Anne Belk Hall. Please also visit the faculty profiles to learn more about exciting research opportunities with our internationally recognized professors and/or to learn more about your next advisor!

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Physical Location

The Department of Anthropology is located in Anne Belk Hall. The administrative office is located in Room 342 and all of the faculty offices, classrooms, and labs are located on the 3rd floor.

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