Dr. Gypsy C. Price


Ph.D. 2015 University of Florida
M.A. 2009 University of Florida
B.A. 2005 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of Research/Interest:

Isotopic analyses and diet and mobility studies; the intersection of exchange spheres and object biographies; mortuary identity, connection to place, and socio-political relations; subsistence and faunal political economies; social complexity and emerging complex societies; Late Bronze Age Greece and the Mycenaean Culture; the archaeology of Late Woodland North Carolina.


The Living Primates, Biological Anthropology, Human Reproduction from an Evolutionary Perspective


Dr. Price is a biological anthropologist and archaeological scientist specializing in isotopic analyses. Her dissertation explored the application of isotopic analysis in elucidating the interplay between the object biographies of faunal resources and socioeconomic exchange spheres at the Late Bronze Age settlement of Mycenae, Greece. In addition to expanding upon her dissertation research, she is also the lead biological anthropologist for TAPHoS (Tombs of Aidonia Preservation and explOration Synergasia), an inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional, and international project exploring the socio-cultural practices and political affiliation of the people interred in the Late Bronze Age cemetery at Aidonia, Greece, while simultaneously preserving an endangered archaeological site through systematic excavation, publication of legacy material, and public education in Greece and the United States.

Selected Publications:

Forthcoming Distinguishing palatial from autonomous subsistence provisioning with zooarchaeological and isotopic analyses at Petsas House, Mycenae (Late Helladic IIIA2). In Food Provisioning in Complex Societies, eds. L. Attici & B. Arbuckle. Proceedings of the 12th Meeting of the International Council of Archaeozoology, Sept. 22-27, 2014. Publishing agreement with University of Colorado Press by January 2017. Meier, J.S., Price, G.C., Shelton, K.

Forthcoming Beyond City and Country at Mycenae: urban and rural practices in a subsistence landscape. In Country in the city: forms and functions of agro-pastoral activities in Mediterranean pre-Classical cities (Aegean and Western Mediterranean Protohistory), eds. D. Garcia, R. Orgeolet, M. Pomadѐre, J. Zurbach. Proceedings of the conference held in Marseille, France October 16th-17th, 2014. (co-authored with Kim Shelton, Lynne Kvapil, and Jackie Meier)

Title: Lecturer of Anthropology
Department: Department of Anthropology

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