Assistant Professors

PhotoFaculty MemberResearch Interests
Dr. GokeeDr. Cameron Gokee
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6752
324 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Michigan 2012) African archaeology, village communities, borderlands, spatial analysis, ceramic analysis, archaeology of the contemporary
kisselprofile1c.jpg?itok=IEUE-dxMDr. Marc Kissel
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6713
349C Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison 2014) The evolution of modern humans and the processes by which hominins became human; the evolutionary arc of human warfare, Neandertal behavior; quantitative genetics; computer modeling; semiotics; paleoanthropological theory
sornitoprofilec.jpg?itok=m-SevE3EDr. Christina Verano Sornito
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6429
349D Anne Belk Hall
(PhD Columbia University 2015) Anthropology of religion, magic and sorcery, hauntology, climate change in the Pacific, debates across ontology and non-Western/Indigenous frameworks, trajectories in autoethnographic and multimodal ethnography, transnational labor, media studies, visual anthropology, anthropology of sound, psychoanalysis, Central European avant-gardes; The Philippines, Southeast Asia, U.S. Empire/Imperialism