Alyssa Iampietro '22, Callegari Scholar (2022-23)

iampietro_headshot_smaller.jpgAlyssa Iampietro is set to graduate from Appalachian State University in December of 2022 with a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Ecology, Evolutionary, and Environmental Biology as well with minors in Animal Studies and Recreation Management. She was awarded a Sally A. Callegari Memorial Scholarship for Gender Diversity in Animal Studies in 2022-23 from the College of Arts & Sciences. Launched in 2019-20, the Callegari Scholarship has helped four majors complete their studies at Appalachian and has included a diverse array of majors housed in the departments of AnthropologyBiologyInterdisciplinary Studies, and Psychology. Alyssa is the fourth recipient of the scholarship and she has recorded a short video to describe the impact which the Callegari Scholarship has had on her studies. Her long-term career goal is to work with wildlife, either in conservation or rehabilitation.

The Callegari Scholarship was established in memory of Sally A. Callegari, a life-long supporter of animal rights, care, and health. The purpose of the Sally A. Callegari Memorial Scholarship for Gender Diversity in Animal Studies is to recognize outstanding scholarship in the humanistic or scientific study of animals that is couched in healthcare and/or advocacy and to provide incentive for students with demonstrated personal or research experiences of sexism, or who demonstrate an interest in the advancement of women in the sciences through their own work/activism, and who demonstrate a commitment to ending gender-based discrimination to enter into a profession that includes an interest in the well-being of animals (i.e. veterinary medicine, biology, animal welfare, primatology, etc.). It awards $2,000 on an annual basis to a student majoring in a degree offered by the College of Arts & Sciences.

With regards to how the Callegari Scholarship has benefitted her, Alyssa replied: 

"This scholarship has benefited me in more ways than one. It definitely helped relieve the financial burden of education. Over the summer, I had the amazing opportunity to work at a black bear sanctuary, and even though I loved the position, I cannot deny that internships come with a certain level of financial strain. Receiving this scholarship eased that aspect of it, allowing me to focus on the true takeaways of my experience, which is that I love working with animals."

iampietro_field_smaller.jpgWhen asked about how gendered barriers continue to exist in her field, Alyssa remarked:

"All too often, people face gender discrimination in the sense that certain identities need to work twice as hard to recieve equal considerations. This scholarship removed one barrier preventing me from success in the field as a woman, which has benefitted me mentally and has allowed me to feel confident in my identity. The best word to describe it is empowering."

When asked about what advice she would give to students who are preparing for a career working with animals, Alyssa finished by offering the following: 

"Always stand up for yourself, and your peers. You deserve a place at the table despite anything you’ve been through or what anyone says, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Gender is the last thing that should impact your opportunity to work in the animal industry, and if you feel that you are being discriminated against, do not stand to the side and let it happen. The only way to end that experience is to establish that those behaviors are not acceptable. Do your part to make a more inclusive environment for people of all gender identities."

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