COVID-19 Related Policies (Current as of January 2021)

  • Helpful tips on travel and approval timeline (click here for the most updated information on travel)
  • CAS Faculty and student travel plans/requests (click here for the travel scenarios, travel plan guidance, and request forms)
  • Tenure clock extension policy. In April 2020, the University, with Faculty Senate approval, automatically extended the tenure/reappointment clock by one year for all pre-tenured faculty.
  • Graduate faculty membership extensions. All graduate faculty memberships have been extended by a period of one year.  Please continue to ensure that membership renewals are tied to the regular review cycles for tenure, promotion, and post-tenure review. 
  • DPC and PTC meetings. In July 2020, Faculty Senate approved a temporary suspension of the requirement for DPC and PTC meetings to be held on campus. The requirement for paper ballots was also suspended. For this Fall semester, DPC and PTC meetings may be held via Zoom.  Please note, however, that any recording of these meetings is prohibited.
  • Class attendance during COVID. A set of recommendations regarding physical class attendance during the COVID-19 crisis was shared with faculty. We encourage faculty with face-to-face class meetings to reconsider their policies on physical class attendance, with an eye toward helping to ensure that students experiencing symptoms or illness do not physically attend class.  Please also remember that students are required to complete a daily health check before leaving their residence hall or coming to campus.  Students who report symptoms may be instructed to stay home, thus, again, we ask that faculty please be thoughtful regarding class attendance policies.
  • Face covering policy and syllabus statement. The university has implemented a policy requiring face coverings to be worn at all times (regardless of social distancing) in classrooms, laboratory spaces, and any other instructional area, as well as other interior locations. Faculty Senate also approved a syllabus statement that is required for all courses with a face-to-face component.
  • Faculty evaluation standards. At their April 13, 2020 meeting, Faculty Senate passed a resolution calling on departments to enact policies clarifying how the circumstances created by COVID-19 and the associated disruptions will be handled with respect to reduced scholarship. Following this resolution, the Provost, via email, asked departments to reconsider faculty evaluation standards given the significant impact on teaching, research, and service that occurred in the Spring and that may continue.
  • Post-tenure reviews. Post-tenure reviews should continue as scheduled. We explored the possibility of providing a one-year extension; however, PTRs are governed by UNC policy, and such an extension would require a vote of the Board of Governors.
  • Fall course evaluations.  Course evaluations will proceed as usual this Fall. UNC policy requires that student evaluations are conducted at least one semester per year, and the Faculty Handbook requires that course evaluations are conducted each fall semester (Section 6.10).
  • From the Office of Research (please direct questions to Ece Karatan):
    • Faculty research, creative, and scholarly activity. All on-campus and field research/creative activity that does not require in-person interactions with human subjects is allowed to resume. Information about human-subjects research will be communicated in the next few days. Occupancy restrictions in research and creative spaces must follow general campus regulations for physical distancing.
    • Student research. Faculty do not need to receive approval from the VPR to engage students in research/creative activity that is currently allowed. These decisions should be made at the departmental level. However, we strongly recommend that faculty endeavor to provide remote options for students that are interested in research/creative activity.
    • Shared facilities. Some shared facilities continue to operate at reduced capacity and may require additional safety precautions (Vivarium, microsopy facility, etc.). Facility directors should be contacted for more information prior to using these facilities.
    • Research-related travel. The travel restrictions mandated by the UNC System in March are still in place. University-sponsored in-state travel to gatherings of 10 or more people indoors or 25 or more people outdoors remains suspended, and all travel outside the state remains suspended, unless otherwise approved as an exception or authorized on the Travel Authorization by the Chancellor, Provost, a Vice Chancellor, or Athletic Director.

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