Spring 2019 Courses

Spring 2019 Course Offerings (subject to change)

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ANT 1420 Archaeology and the Human Past
ANT 1425 Mythbusting in Archaeology
ANT 2221 Archaeology
ANT 2235 North American Archaeology
ANT 2340 Bronze Age Civilizations
ANT 3530 Special Topics: Lithics
ANT 4400 Paleolithic Archaeology 
ANT 4460 Landscape Archaeology

Biological Anthropology
ANT 1430 Our Primate Heritage (with 1430 Lab)
ANT 2230 Biological Anthropology
ANT 2420 Gender, Race, and Class
ANT 3305 Forensic Anthropology
ANT 3320 Primatological Field Methods
ANT 3405 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
ANT 4250 Biology, Technology, and Culture
ANT 4340 Paleoanthropology of South Asia
ANT 4350 Human Reproduction from an Evolutionary Perspective

Sociocultural Anthropology
ANT 1415 Understanding Culture
ANT 2215 Cultural Anthropology
ANT 2310 Appalachian Culture
ANT 2430 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
ANT 2440 From Savages to Cyborgs
ANT 2700 South Asia through Ethnography
ANT 2800 Latin America through Ethnography
ANT 3410 Ethnographic Methods
ANT 3620 Political Ecology and Sustainability 
ANT 3635 Political Anthropology
ANT 3810 Engaging Anthropology
ANT 3820 Anthropology of Media
ANT 4230 Magic and Modernity
ANT 4255 Ethnobotany: Plants, People, and Culture
ANT 4275 Experimental Ethnography

Note: Senior Capstone sections requires senior standing and approval of advisor. Thus, students CAN register for capstone in their second to last semester. May not be taken if the student has already taken the regular section. For more information, please contact your advisor.

ANT 4231 CAPSTONE: Magic and Modernity
ANT 4251 CAPSTONE: Biology, Technology, and Culture
ANT 4256 CAPSTONE: Ethnobotany: Plants, People, and Culture
ANT 4276 CAPSTONE: Experimental Ethnography
ANT 4351 CAPSTONE: Human Reproduction from an Evolutionary Perspective 
ANT 4401 CAPSTONE: Paleolithic Archaeology
ANT 4461 CAPSTONE: Landscape Archaeology

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