Spring 2014 Anthropology Senior Student Symposium

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Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Spring 2014 Senior Student Symposium
Appalachian State University
Department of Anthropology

(Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Timothy J. Smith)

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Linville Gorge, Room 242, Plemmons Student Union

“Moving beyond a Moral Paradigm: Examining Complexities between Resource Extraction and Lived Experience in Alaska’s North Slope Borough”
Megan Biddix

I will investigate energy issues as they intersect with power, agency, and control, moving beyond rigid moral paradigms in order to argue that indigenous perceptions of energy in Alaska are entangled with and borne from community views on individual rights, land and landscapes, and lived experiences. 

“Silence in Solidarity: The Vulnerable Structures of Indigenous Ethnic Politics in Latin America”
Dan Derman

In this paper, I will explore how indigenous ethnic political movements in Latin America attempt to open the spaces and opportunities of voice and representation within larger public spheres, while governments have attempt to appease, co-opt, and discredit these counter-hegemonic movements based upon critiques of authenticity. Important theoretical contributions in my thesis come from Judith Butler's ideas on constitutive and exclusionary power of large-scale representation and political movements, as well as Edward Said's writings on power and media representation.

“Media and Solidarity: The Decline of the Labor Union in the United States”
John Forney

Interest and membership in labor unions in the United States have been in sharp decline over the past decade due to attacks by state and local governments (and their public constituents), more so than in Western Europe. I will argue that one major reason for this has been the consolidation and direction of U.S. mass media in converting public opinion toward individualism.

“From Agriculture to Oil: Keeping Colonialism Alive”
Rebecca Thompson

I will discuss how the Ogoni people have continued to suffer and lose land due to oil companies operating in Nigeria, forcing traditional farmers into a market economy, and how older colonial structures from British rule are maintained to sustain and protect resource extraction.

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Linville Gorge, Room 242, Plemmons Student Union
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