Mason Rogers selected for a Dr. L. Jill Loucks Memorial Scholarship in Anthropology

Mason Rogers has been selected for a Dr. L. Jill Loucks Memorial Scholarship in Anthropology. 

These scholarships are awarded to anthropology majors who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.  Dr. L. Jill Loucks (1953-1982) was a dedicated archaeologist and member of the faculty for three years before her untimely death. Her parents and friends created an endowment to help anthropology students with research funds via the Dr. L. Jill Loucks Memorial Scholarship. 

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"Anthropology found me in a moment of doubt. Beforehand, I was unsure of my own potential for academic success and my capacity to engage with my education on a meaningful level. Once I joined the department, my perceptions and experiences of academic life greatly changed, elevating my enthusiasm and sense of purpose as a college student to new levels. To me, anthropology is about heightened awareness, and represents a reach towards appreciation and critical understanding for the histories, perceptions, and systems of thought found all over the world. Through anthropology, we are able to see beneath the surface of ordinary life, while recognizing unique stories and beliefs that are woven into the human world of the past, present, and future. I appreciate anthropology for its reflective nature, and its ability to reveal how contemporary ways of being are constructed through historical processes, ultimately leading us to a greater understanding of ourselves as a species. Overall, anthropology at Appalachian State has been instrumental in rebuilding my academic confidence, and has granted me with the desire to work genuinely and pursue a career in the field. In receiving a Dr. L. Jill Loucks Memorial Scholarship, my academic efforts and passion for the subject of cultural anthropology have been greatly validated, and I feel I owe a large part of my success to the incredible professors and students within the department, as well as the stimulating world of anthropology in general." - Mason Rogers

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Published: Apr 2, 2018 3:52pm