Dr. Dana Powell and Dr. Timothy J. Smith both inducted into Academy of Outstanding Teachers


The Department of Anthropology faculty continue to win awards for their research and teaching. On October 28, 2015, along with Dr. Joseph Pollock (Physics and Astronomy), Dr. Dana E. Powell and Dr. Timothy J. Smith were inducted into the College of Arts & Sciences Academy of Outstanding Teachers. They join other previous inductees from anthropology, Dr. Patricia D. Beaver and Dr. Jefferson C. Boyer.

In 1988, The College of Arts and Sciences instituted the Academy of Outstanding Teachers and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award to recognize excellence in teaching. Each year, the committee selects up to four faculty members from across the College for appointment to the Academy of Outstanding Teachers as well as one Academy member for recognition as The College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Normally those appointed to the Academy of Outstanding Teachers are currently active faculty members in CAS, however under extraordinary circumstances, retired or emeriti faculty may be appointed.

Qualifications for consideration are:

  • Ability to impart knowledge, inquisitiveness, and the desire for continued learning

  • Competence and command of the subject matter

  • Concern for students' intellectual growth and personal development

  • Enthusiasm for the subject matter and for teaching it

The Department thanks all those who nominated our faculty members. Your nominations matter!