Summer 2023 Archaeological Field School - Pinson Mounds, TN

Summer 2023 Archaeological Field School - Pinson Mounds, TN
June 5th - June 30th

ANT 3120 Field Archaeology (6 credits)

●intensive learning experience for archaeological methods and theory
●required for careers in archaeology, including CRM
●learn critical skills in field and lecture settings, including excavation strategies
●learn about Native North America’s rich history

pinson.pngThe 2023 ASU archaeological field school will be at Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park in Pinson, Tennessee. Pinson is one of the largest Middle Woodland period (A.D. 1-500) ceremonial centers in North America. The site contains 15 Native American mounds and covers more than 1,200 acres. Pinson was a major ceremonial center that brought people together from vast distances to participate in mound building and related ceremonies. Pinson Mounds State Park has the infrastructure to support professional archaeological research, such as a bunkhouse, including a large kitchen for resident researchers, a 4,500 sq. foot museum, an archaeological library, an artifact processing lab, and an 80-seat theater for lectures. Our field school students will stay in the bunkhouse during our time at Pinson and will have these great resources at our disposal. Students will learn how to conduct archaeological research, including excavation, artifact and feature collection, documentation, and mapping. There will also be opportunities for students to assist in geophysical survey, an important skill set for aspiring archaeologists. Lectures presented in the museum theater will also cover advanced archaeological concepts and practices. We will meet in Boone a few days prior to our departure for orientation and introductions. The field school will run from approximately June 5th to June 30th. We will depart Boone together on June 10th and return on June 30th. 

This field school will carry a special fee in addition to tuition.  The fee is estimated to be between $800-$1000 per person and will cover travel, excavation equipment and supplies, and food while at Pinson.

For more information, please contact Dr. Seth Grooms at