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Alice Wright holding statuette award

Dr. Alice P. Wright recognized as top young scholar and leader of interdisciplinary research team
Jan 4, 2017

Dr. Alice P. Wright was presented the C.B. Moore Award for “Excellence in Southeastern Archaeology or associated studies by a younger scholar” at ...

Standing Rock camp

Dr. Dana Powell and Ricki Draper highlighted in Appalachian Magazine for Standing Rock research
Dec 8, 2016

The Standing Rock protest has given Dr. Dana Powell an unexpected opportunity to further her research around indigenous land claims and ener...

student taking notes next to grid

Experimental Archaeology class highlighted in Appalachian Magazine
Nov 21, 2016

If you’re a student in Dr. Tom Whyte’s archaeology class, prepare to get your hands dirty. Cooked roadkill, flint-chipping kind of dirty....

Timothy Smith

Dr. Timothy J. Smith, helping sustain and revitalize Guatemala’s indigenous culture
Feb 21, 2014

Dr. Timothy J. Smith has developed a special relationship during the past 17 years with the predominantly indigenous town of Sololá, Guatemala....

group photo of students in Ecuador

Dr. Timothy J. Smith and students highlighted in Appalachian magazine for Ecuadorian research
Nov 3, 2009

This past summer, 16 students from Appalachian State University traveled to Ecuador to study indigenous activism and language in the Upper Amazon for ...

Student holding a 9,500 year old spear point

Dr. Tom Whyte and students highlighted in Appalachian magazine for archaeological research
Oct 28, 2009

Carefully digging, scraping and sifting. It's how archeologists seek clues into human history. Students at Appalachian State University learn these sk...