Summer 2023 Ethnographic Field School in New York City

Summer 2023 Ethnographic Field School - New York City , NY
May 30th - June 30th

ANT 3539 Diaspora and Community Politics in New York City (3 credits)
ANT 3940 Ethnographic Field School (3 credits)

• Program Cost: Approximately $1950
• Roundtrip airfare from Charlotte to New York City
• 14 nights at the Appalachian State University Loft in New York City
• All transportation included
• Entrance fees to centers and museums
[note: program fees do not include undergraduate tuition/fees, food, or personal expenditures]

nyc_field_school._jpg.jpgAs part of these two courses, enrolled students will travel to New York City for two weeks where they will learn about immigration, belonging, identity formation, representation, and politics by working with activists and families in four diasporic communities. For this anthropological-based study away program, students will take two courses. For the second course, ANT 3940 Ethnographic Field School, students will learn how to construct a research project and learn standard ethnographic techniques that include qualitative methods such as participant-observation, archival work, mapping, formal interviewing, etc. In the first course, ANT 3539 Diaspora and Community Politics in New York City, students will have the opportunity to learn about the experiences and negotiated decisions which shape the “immigrant experience” in New York. Students will also learn how to frame their interpretations and understandings of the histories of four diasporic communities in New York City with attention paid to various anthropological topics such as power, representation, resistance, hegemony, citizenship, organizing, and performance.


SPACE IS LIMITED. MAXIMUM OF 14 STUDENTS. Applications are due by Friday, March 17 at 5:00pm. For more information on the program, please email Dr. Timothy J. Smith at