L. Jill Loucks Memorial Library

L. Jill Loucks Memorial Library

The L. Jill Loucks Memorial Library is dedicated to the memory of former ASU professor, Dr. Jill Loucks. In addition to over 2,000 books, it contains hundreds of journals and magazines on topics covering all of the sub-disciplines of anthropology. Included in the collection are numerous ethnographies that cover the history of anthropology. There are also books on artifact typologies, and articles on archaeological theory from antiquarian times through the present.

Dr. L. Jill Loucks (1953-1982) was a dedicated archaeologist and member of the faculty for three years before her untimely death. This library was dedicated in her honor. In addition, her parents and friends created an endowment to help anthropology students with research funds via the Dr. L. Jill Loucks Memorial Scholarship and eligible graduating students can also apply for the Dr. L. Jill Loucks Memorial Award for Outstanding Senior. 



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