Stephen Richard Weller Memorial Student Lounge

Weller Memorial Lounge

The Stephen Richard Weller Memorial Student Lounge is available to all of our undergraduate majors. It offers a place for study, quiet reflection, student study sessions, lunch, and many other uses that benefit our students. 

Stephen Richard Weller (1969-1990) was a junior anthropology major who died in early May of 1990. Stephen was known to all students and faculty as a highly dedicated and motivated student of archaeology. He had planned for two years to spend the summer of 1990 as in intern at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. This student lounge was dedicated on October 11, 1990 in his memory for anthropology students to have a place to study and gather. In addition, the Stephen Richard Weller Memorial Scholarship was established to help students pursue research. His passion and enthusiasm for anthrology remain as an inspiration to us all.