Dr. Larry R. Kimball


Ph.D. 1989 Northwestern University
M.A. 1981 University of Tennessee
B.A. 1974 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • William C. Strickland Outstanding Junior Faculty of the Year Award, College of Arts and Sciences (1997)

Areas of Research/Interest:

Southern Appalachian Prehistory, Middle Palaeolithic of Caucasus Mountains (Russia), Lithic Technology and Microwear Analysis, Quantitative Methods; Russia, Appalachia.


Archaeology and the Human Past, Introduction to Archaeology, Prehistory of the Southern Appalachians, North American Archaeology, Archaeological Laboratory Methods, Archaeological Theory, Paleolithic Archaeology

Research Grants:

National Geographic Society ($11,000)
Hopewellian Subsistence and Ceremonialism at the Biltmore Estate Mound Site (2003-2004)

National Geographic Society ($8256)
Biltmore Estate Mound 2002 Excavations (Summer 2002)

L.S.B. Leakey Foundation ($9845)
General grant for Middle Paleolithic Archaeology at Weasel Cave, Russia (Summer-Fall 1998)

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research ($11,000)
Research grant for Excavations at Weasel Cave, Russia (Summer 1997)

National Science Foundation, Dissertation Improvement Grant ($7800)
Microwear Analysis of Paleolithic tools from Le Flageolet, Dordogne, France. (1986-1987)

Fulbright-Hays Research Grant ($9200)
Microwear Analysis of Paleolithic tools from Le Flageolet, Dordogne, France. (1986-1987)

Selected Publications:

Kimball, L.R., T.R. Whyte, and G. Crites
2013 Biltmore Mound and the Appalachian Summit Hopewell. In Early and Middle Woodland Landscapes of the Southeast, edited by A.P. Wright and E.R. Henry, pp. 122-137. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

Faulks, N.R., L.R. Kimball , N. Hidjrati, and T.S. Coffey
2011 Atomic force microscopy of microwear traces on Mousterian tools from Myshtylagty Lagat (Weasel Cave), Russia. Scanning 33(5):391-403.

Hidjrati, N., L. Kimball, T.Koetje, N.Cleghorn, T.Coffey, M.Kanukova, S.Nesmeynov, O.Voeykova, and V.Sautiyeva-Maslennikova
2010 Nekotorye rezultaty mezhdisciplinarnykh issledovanyi pleistocenovikh kulturnykx sloiev Mystylagty-lagat i Fynaigandzity-uat v Severnoi Osetii. (“Some Results of Interdisciplinary Investigations of the Pleistocene Cultural Layers of Weasel Cave and Dormouse Hall in North Ossetia”). In Voprosy Istorii i Kultury Narodov Rossii (“The Question of History and Culture of the Peoples of Russia”), edited by R. S. Bzarov, N. I. Hidjrati
, Y.A. Dzitzzoity, T. K. Salbiev, R. F. Fidarov, pp. 221-244. North Ossetian State University, Institute of History and Archaeology, Vladikavkaz.

Kimball, L.R., T.R. Whyte, and G. Crites
2010 The Biltmore and Hopewellian Mound Use in the Southern Appalachians. In The Archaeology of North Carolina: Papers in Honor of Bennie C. Keel, edited by C. Rodning, J. Eastman, and E.A. Boudreaux III. Southeastern Archaeology 29(1):44-58.

Shumate, M.S., B.H. Riggs, and L.R. Kimball
2005 The Alarka Farmstead: Archaeological Investigations at a mid-seventeenth century Cherokee winter house/summer house complex, Swain County, North Carolina. ASU-LAS, Report No. 17.

Hidjrati, N.I., L.R. Kimball and T. Koetje
2003 Middle and Late Pleistocene Investigations of Myshtulgaty Lagat (Weasel Cave) North Ossetia, Russia. Antiquity 77(298)

Shumate, M.S., P. Evans-Shumate, and L.R. Kimball
2000 Archaeological Data Recovery at the McCombs Slave Quarter Site (31CE338) Cherokee County, NC. ASU-LAS Report No. 18.

Kimball, L., P. Allen, J. Kimball, B. Schlichting, and K. Pham
1998 The analysis of microwear polishes with the atomic force microscope. In Proceedings of the XIII Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, edited by Antoniazzi, A., Arsuaga Ferreres, J.L., Bermudez De Castro, J.M., Carbonell I Roura, E., Cavallini, E., Fontana, F., Gutie´rrez Sa`ez, C., di Lernia, S., Longo, L., Manzi, G., Milliken, S., Oosterbeek, L., Pavukova, V., Peresani, M., Peretto, C., Pesce Delfino, V., Pizchelauri, K., Prati, L., Sala I Ramos, R. Vol. 6 (tome II)., pp. 1121-1132, ABACO, Forli, Italy.

Whyte, T.R. and L.R. Kimball
1997 Science versus grave desecration: The saga of Lake Hole Cave. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 59(3):143-7.

Kimball, L.R.
1996 Early Archaic settlement and technology: Lessons from Tellico. In Paleoindian and Early Archaic research in the lower Southeast, edited by D. Anderson and K. Sassaman, pp. 149-186. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa. 

Kimball, L.R.
1996 Microwear analysis of Archaic and Woodland projectile points, drills, and scrapers from Dogan Point. In Dogan Point: An oyster shell matrix site on the Hudson River, edited by C. Claassen, pp 103-120. Occasional Publications in Northeastern Anthropology, No. 14.

Kimball, L.R., J.F. Kimball, and P.E. Allen
1995 Microwear polishes as viewed through the atomic force microscope: New frontiers. Lithic Technology 20(1):6-28.

Kimball, L.R.
1994 An introduction to methodological and substantive contributions of microwear analysis. Lithic Technology 19(2):81-82.

Kimball, L.R.
1994 Microwear analysis of Late and Terminal Archaic projectile points from the Padula site (36Nm15), Pennsylvania. In Recent Research into the prehistory of the Delaware Valley, edited by C.A. Bergman and J.F. Doershuk, pp. 169-179. Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology Vol. 10.

Kimball, L.R.
1994 Microwear analysis of Archaic and Early Woodland tools from the Main site (15BL35), Kentucky. In Upper Cumberland Archaic and Woodland Period archaeology at the Main site (15BL35), Bell County, Kentucky, by S.D. Creasman, Appendix F. Technical draft report by Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. submitted to the KDOT and USCOE, Nashville

Kimball, L.R.
1993 Rose Island revisited: The detection of Early Archaic site structure using grid count data. Southeastern Archaeology 12:93-116.

Kimball, L.R.
1992 The function of Hopewell blades from the Southeast. Research Notes No. 12. McClung Museum, Univ. of Tennessee.

Kimball, L.R.
1989 Planning and functional variability in the Upper Palaeolithic: Microwear analysis of Upper Perigordian tools from Le Flageolet I (Dordogne). Ph.D. dissertation. Northwestern University.

Aldenderfer, M.S., L. R. Kimball, and A.S. Sievert
1989 Microwear analysis in the Mayan Lowlands: The use of functional data in a complex society setting. Journal of Field Archaeology 16:47-60.

Kimball, L.R.
1987 A consideration of the role of quantitative archaeology in theory construction. In Quantitative research in archaeology: progress and prospects, edited by M.S. Aldenderfer, pp. 114-125. SAGE, Beverly Hills.

Kimball, L.R.
1985 The 1977 archaeological reconnaissance: An assessment of the archaeological resources of Tellico Reservoir. Publications in Anthropology No. 39. Tennessee Valley Authority.

Title: Professor, Director of the ASU Laboratories of Archaeological Science
Department: Department of Anthropology

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