Photo Faculty Member Research Interests
Dr. Jon H. Carter
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6380
346 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD Columbia University 2012) Political anthropology, anthropology of violence, borders and immigration, incarceration and surveillance, media theory, fictocriticism and ethnographic writing; Honduras, Latin America
Dr. Cheryl P. Claassen
Research Professor/Professor Emerita of Anthropology
(828) 262-2295
348 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD Harvard University 1982) Archaeology, shell, sociology of archaeology, gender, Archaic, symbolism, caves; Eastern United States, Mexico
Dr. Sophia C. Dent
Visiting Assistant Professor
(828) 262-7784
349F Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2020) Biological anthropology, skeletal biology and osteology, stable isotope analysis, nutrition, food security, periodontal disease and dental calculus, physiological plasticity; Southeastern North America
Cameron Gokee
Dr. Cameron Gokee
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6752
324 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Michigan 2012) Village communities, historical landscapes, material culture and technology, archaeology of the contemporary; West Africa, Southwestern United States.
Eric Karchmer
Dr. Eric I. Karchmer
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6398
349A Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2005) Medical anthropology, science studies, the politics of knowledge, Chinese medicine, China studies, colonial and postcolonial societies, history of medicine, ethnobotany; China (ON LEAVE SPRING 2021)
Dr. Geoff Kelley
Adjunct Assistant Professor
(828) 262-2295
348 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Georgia 2013) Conservation anthropology, transboundary conservation, political ecology, historical ecology; U.S. - Mexico border
Dr. Kimball
Dr. Larry R. Kimball
Director of the ASU Laboratories of Archaeological Science
(828) 262-4899
330 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD Northwestern University 1989) Southern Appalachian Prehistory, Middle Palaeolithic of Caucasus Mountains (Russia), lithic technology and microwear analysis, quantitative methods; Russia, Appalachia
Dr. Marc Kissel
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6713
349C Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison 2014) The evolution of modern humans and the processes by which hominins became human; the evolutionary arc of human warfare, Neandertal behavior; quantitative genetics; computer modeling; semiotics; paleoanthropological theory
Susan Lappan
Dr. Susan Lappan
Associate Professor
(828) 262-8909
349E Anne Belk Hall
(PhD New York University 2005) Biological anthropology, primate behavior, ecology, conservation biology, small apes; Indonesia, Malaysia
Dr. Diane P. Mines
(828) 262-6382
349J Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Chicago 1995) Cultural anthropology, materiality and time, narrative, phenomenology of time and place, Tamil Studies; India, South Asia
Dr. Alex J. Nelson
Adjunct Assistant Professor
(828) 262-2295
348 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2020) Psychological anthropology, gender and sexuality, anthropology of love and intimacy, sex work and human trafficking, marriage and courtship, socio-legal studies; Korea, East Asia, United States
Dr. Dana E. Powell
Associate Professor
(828) 262-2268
349H Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2011) Environmental anthropology, political ecology, critical development studies, energy, social movements, infrastructure, new materialism, and climate change; Navajo/Diné Nation, Native America (ON LEAVE SPRING 2021, FALL 2021)
Dr. Martin Schoenhals
Research Professor
(828) 262-2295
348 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Pennsylvania 1991) Sociocultural anthropology, anthropology of education, psychological anthropology, gender and sexuality, anthropology of work, race and caste, prejudice, development; China, India
Gwen Robbins Schug
Dr. Gwen M. Robbins Schug
320A Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Oregon 2007) Bioarchaeology, human growth and development, bone biology, histology, human-environment interactions, paleodemography, South Asian Prehistory; India (ON LEAVE 2020-2022)
Dr. Timothy J. Smith
Professor and Chair
(828) 262-8473
344 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University at Albany, SUNY 2004) Sociocultural anthropology, Latin American development and ethnicity, electoral politics and democracy, historical ethnography, environmental subjectivities, indigenous languages and pedagogy (Kaqchikel Mayan and Napo Kichwa), immigration; Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain, France
Dr. Christina Verano Sornito
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6429
349D Anne Belk Hall
(PhD Columbia University 2015) Visual anthropology, ethnographic film, video/audio documentary, voice theory and anthropology of sound, healing and sorcery, magic and religion, anthropology of nature and the Anthropocene, indigenous studies, nationalism, transnational labor, psychoanalysis, Central European avant-gardes; The Philippines, Southeast Asia
Dr. Mary-Caitlyn Valentinsson
Visiting Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6383
349G Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Arizona 2019) Linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, globalization, language ideology, language in the mass media and popular culture, discourse analysis, digital ethnography, computer mediated communication, pragmatics, lexical semantics; Argentina, Latin America
Dr. Thomas R. Whyte
(828) 262-2283
328 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Tennessee at Knoxville 1988) Archaeology, zooarchaeology, experimental archaeology, Appalachian Summit archaeology; Eastern United States, Southern Appalachia
Dr. Alice P. Wright
Associate Professor
(828) 262-6384
322 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Michigan 2014) Southeastern archaeology, pre-Columbian interaction, Hopewell, the built environment and monumentality, landscapes, GIS, archaeological geophysics, community and applied archaeology, heritage management; Southern Appalachians, Southeastern U.S.