Spring 2017 faculty group photo

Our faculty have extensive research, teaching, and service experience, representing the fields of archeology, social/cultural, linguistic, and biological anthropology, in diverse cultural settings including the American Southwest, Southern California, Appalachia, North Carolina, the Atlantic coastal areas, France, India, North Ossetia Russia, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, the Philippines, Central Europe, and China. Each faculty member welcomes the opportunity to provide individual career advising and instruction to the student.

In addition, faculty engage in interdepartmental cooperation through partnerships with Appalachian Studies, Global Studies, Biology, Geology, Women's Studies, and Sustainable Development (which was started in our department).

College of Arts & Sciences Academy of Outstanding Teachers

Patricia D. Beaver (1995)

Jefferson C. Boyer (1995)

Dana E. Powell (2015)

Timothy J. Smith (2015)

Moreover, in addition to excellence in teaching, we maintain one of the highest standards of research productivity in the College. Our faculty members have been awarded 5 of the scholar of the year awards (junior and senior levels) given by the College of Arts & Sciences in the past 19 years.

The Donald W. Sink Family "Outstanding Scholar of the Year" Award (senior award)

Susan E. Keefe (1996)

Cheryl P. Claassen (2009)

The William C. Strickland "Outstanding Junior Faculty of the Year" Award (junior award)

Larry R. Kimball (1996)

Gwendolyn M. Robbins Schug (2009)

Timothy J. Smith (2011)

Between 2008 and 2013, our faculty published at least 40 peer reviewed articles, 27 chapters in edited books, 4 books, 7 edited books, produced 1 documentary film (shown at two juried festivals), wrote 21 technical reports, and presented more than 65 papers at professional conferences, workshops, or symposia regionally, nationally, and internationally.