Graduate Faculty

Although the Department does not offer a graduate degree in anthropology, eight professors are members of the Graduate Faculty of the University. They serve on MA thesis committees and offer graduate courses for students.
List of Graduate Courses

Eric I. Karchmer 
Assistant Professor                                                                                                                            

349A Anne Belk 
(828) 262-6398 

Medical anthropology, science studies, the politics of knowledge, Chinese medicine, China studies, colonial and postcolonial societies, history of medicine, ethnobotany; China


Susan E. Keefe 

349F Anne Belk 
(828) 262-6412 

Ethnicity, modernity, culture change, social organization, medical and applied anthropology; Mexican-Americans, Appalachians, United States


Larry R. Kimball 

330 Anne Belk 
(828) 262-4899 

Southern Appalachian Prehistory, Middle Palaeolithic of Caucasus Mountains (Russia), Lithic Technology and Microwear Analysis, Quantitative Methods; Russia, Appalachia


Susan Lappan 
Assistant Professor 

349E Anne Belk 
(828) 262-8909 

Biological anthropology, conservation biology, reproductive strategies in Siamangs, population genetics; Indonesia


Diane P. Mines
Department Chair

344 Anne Belk 
(828) 262-6382 

Cultural anthropology, materiality and time, narrative, phenomenology of time and place, Tamil Studies; India, South Asia


Dana E. Powell
Assistant Professor

349H Anne Belk 
(828) 262-2268 

Cultural politics of energy development, social studies of science and technology, political ecology, politics of knowledge and expertise, indigeneity and Native America, feminism and gender, identity and subjectivity, social movements, ethnographic methodology and engaged scholarship; Native North America, Mexico


Timothy J. Smith 
Associate Professor 

349J Anne Belk 
(828) 262-8473 

Sociocultural anthropology, Latin American development, electoral politics and democracy, ethnicity and race, environmental subjectivities, indigenous languages (Kaqchikel Mayan and Napo Kichwa), immigration; Latin America (Guatemala and Ecuador) and Europe (France and Spain)


alice wright

Alice P. Wright 
Assistant Professor 

On Leave, Fall 2015

322 Anne Belk 
(828) 262-2295 


Southeastern archaeology, pre-Columbian interaction, Hopewell, the built environment and monumentality, landscapes, GIS, archaeological geophysics, community and applied archaeology, heritage management; Southern Appalachians, Southerneastern U.S. 



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Physical Location

The Department of Anthropology is located in Anne Belk Hall. The administrative office is located in Room 342 and all of the faculty offices, classrooms, and labs are located on the 3rd floor.

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