Graduate Faculty

Although the Department does not offer a graduate degree in anthropology, six professors are members of the Graduate Faculty of the University. They serve on MA thesis committees and offer graduate courses for students.

List of Graduate Courses

Photo Faculty Member Research Interests
Dana Powell
Dr. Dana E. Powell
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-2268
349H Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2011) Cultural politics of energy development; political ecology; critical Native/Indigenous studies; infrastructure; science and technology studies; social movements; ethnography; and engaged scholarship; Native North America.
Timothy J. Smith
Dr. Timothy J. Smith
Department Chair
(828) 262-8473
342 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University at Albany, SUNY 2004) Sociocultural anthropology, ethnicity and development, electoral politics and democracy, languages (Kaqchikel Mayan and Kichwa); Latin America (Guatemala and Ecuador) and Europe (France and Spain)
Christina Verano Sornito
Dr. Christina Verano Sornito
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6429
349D Anne Belk Hall
(PhD Columbia University 2015) Visual anthropology, ethnographic film, video/audio documentary, voice theory and anthropology of sound, healing and sorcery, magic and religion, anthropology of nature and the Anthropocene, indigenous studies, nationalism, transnational labor, psychoanalysis, Central European avant-gardes; The Philippines, Southeast Asia
Alice Wright
Dr. Alice P. Wright
Assistant Professor
(828) 262-6384
322 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Michigan 2014) Southeastern archaeology, pre-Columbian interaction, Hopewell, the built environment and monumentality, landscapes, GIS, archaeological geophysics, community and applied archaeology, heritage management; Southern Appalachians, Southeastern U.S.