Professors Emeriti

Harvard G. Ayers, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Catholic University of America

Research and Teaching Interests: 
Archaeology, physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, human ecology, North American Indians; Southwestern United States, Southern Appalachians

Contact: 342 Anne Belk Hall | (828) 262-2295 | email 

Patricia D. Beaver, Professor Emerita
Ph.D. Duke University

Research and Teaching Interests: Appalachian culture, social organization, gender, cultural diversity, Chinese gender issues, contemporary culture, culture in the American South, impacts of public policy on rural families, gender and family organization, race and ethnicity; Appalachia, China

Contact: 342 Anne Belk Hall | (828) 262-2295 | email
Brian C. Bennett, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University

Research and Teaching Interests: Peasant studies, social change, social theory; Croatia, East/Central Europe, Developing Countries

Contact: 342 Anne Belk Hall | (828) 262-2295 
Jefferson C. Boyer, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research and Teaching Interests: Social anthropology, peasant and agrarian studies, rural and sustainable development; Honduras and Central America, Appalachia

Contact: 342 Anne Belk Hall | (828) 262-2295 | email
Susan E. Keefe, Professor Emerita
Ph.D. University of California at Santa Barbara 

Research and Teaching Interests: Ethnicity, modernity, culture change, social organization, medical and applied anthropology; Mexican-Americans, Appalachians, United States 

Contact: 342 Anne Belk Hall | (828) 262-2295 | email

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Physical Location

The Department of Anthropology is located in Anne Belk Hall. The administrative office is located in Room 342 and all of the faculty offices, classrooms, and labs are located on the 3rd floor.

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