Dr. Seth B. Grooms

Dr. Grooms is an anthropological archaeologist who works primarily in the Eastern Woodlands of North America. In the broadest sense, his research is focused on crafting archaeological narratives of Native histories that are, as much as possible, informed by Native American perspectives. He uses methods from geoarchaeology, landscape archaeology, and chronological modeling and interprets the resulting data within a theoretical framework comprised of traditional anthropological theory as well as Native American philosophies and epistemologies developed by contemporary Native intellectuals. Dr. Grooms’ latest work is in the Southeast, specifically Mississippi and Louisiana, where he examines the role of landscape modification, such as mound building, in the Poverty Point phenomenon (ca. 4500-3000 cal yr BP). Dr. Grooms is an enrolled member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Anthropology

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