Faculty and Staff Awards

UNC Board of Governors Campus Excellence in Teaching Award

Thomas R. Whyte (2018)

Timothy J. Smith (2019)

College of Arts & Sciences Academy of Outstanding Teachers

Patricia D. Beaver (1995)

Jefferson C. Boyer (1995)

Dana E. Powell (2015)

Timothy J. Smith (2015)

Donald W. Sink Family "Outstanding Scholar of the Year" Award (senior scholar award)

Susan E. Keefe (1997)

Cheryl P. Claassen (2010)

William C. Strickland "Outstanding Junior Faculty of the Year" Award (junior scholar award)

Larry R. Kimball (1997)

Gwendolyn M. Robbins Schug (2010)

Timothy J. Smith (2012)

Alice P. Wright (2018)

Jimmy Smith "Outstanding Service" Award

Timothy J. Smith (2018)

Richard N. Henson  "Outstanding Advisor" Award

Marc Kissel (2021)

Diane P. Mines (2019)

Faculty Members of Distinction, Appalachian Magazine 

Dana E. Powell 

Timothy J. Smith

Thomas R. Whyte

Alice P. Wright