Associate Professors

PhotoFaculty MemberResearch Interests
carterprofilec.jpg?itok=EnL41CrgDr. Jon H. Carter
Associate Professor
(828) 262-6380
346 Anne Belk Hall
(PhD Columbia University 2012) Political anthropology, anthropology of violence, borders and immigration, incarceration and surveillance, media theory, fictocriticism and ethnographic writing; Honduras, Latin America
 Dr. Gokee Dr. Cameron Gokee
Associate Professor
(828) 262-6752
330A Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Michigan 2012) African archaeology, village communities, borderlands, spatial analysis, ceramic analysis, archaeology of the contemporary
wrightprofilec.jpg?itok=iBgT1tP1Dr. Alice P. Wright
Associate Professor
(828) 262-6384
322A Anne Belk Hall
(PhD University of Michigan 2014) Southeastern archaeology, pre-Columbian interaction, Hopewell, the built environment and monumentality, landscapes, GIS, archaeological geophysics, community and applied archaeology, heritage management; Southern Appalachians, Southeastern U.S.